Biden DESTROYS Trump After He Insults Veterans (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is on the receiving end of a gigantic tongue-lashing from Vide President Joe Biden after Trump made yet another set of offensive comments about American combat veterans.

Speaking in front of veterans at an event organized by a right-wing PAC, Trump said veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder were perhaps weak.

Trump Monday tried to praise his veteran-heavy audience as “strong” because they didn’t have PTSD while he talked up getting more help to veterans.

“When people come back from war and combat and they see maybe what the people in this room have seen many times over, and you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it,” Trump told the Retired American Warriors PAC in Virginia.

Almost right away, Trump received strong condemnation for his remarks, the latest major mistake from a presidential campaign that has been one screw-up after another.

But the harshest words on Monday came from Biden, who was speaking at a rally in support of Hillary Clinton in Orlando.

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“Where in the hell is he from?” Biden, who has been “in and out” of Afghanistan and Iran dozens of times, told the audience.

Biden added that this country has only one “sacred obligation”: to “care for those we send to war and to care for them and their family when they come home.”

“What are the chances Trump honors commitment to those who are wounded?” Biden said, at one point near shouting into the microphone. “It’s not just that he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t want to find out.”

The Vice President also spoke about the military service of his late son, Beau, who was an officer in the Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps. Beau’s unit was deployed to service in Iraq in 2008, while his father was first campaigning with Obama as his running mate.

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