Man Says He ‘Didn’t Mean To Offend Anyone’ With Float Featuring Trump Executing Hillary (IMAGE)

Residents in Aurora, Indiana are upset after seeing a parade float on Saturday which depicted Donald Trump flipping the switch on Hillary Clinton in an electric chair. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the float also featured someone in blackface portraying President Obama as an Easter Island figure with an oversized head. The float is plastered with a Trump/Pence sign, a Make America Great Again sign and of course, something with Benghazi written on it and it also mentions Clinton’s health.


An Aurora mother posted a photo on Facebook of the offensive float.

“Who thinks this is appropriate for a fair parade where children, some of them minorities and girls, are marching and playing instruments and watching? Who thinks this is something to laugh at or be proud of?” Penny Britton wrote on her Facebook page. “This is disgusting. This makes me embarrassed to say I live here. This is Aurora, Indiana. Congratulations.”

That prompted different comments ranging from calling it “disgusting” and “racist,” to another saying “Who cares!”

On Saturday morning, the float was featured as part of the Aurora Farmers Fair Parade.

WCPO reports:

It’s sponsored by the Aurora Lions Club, according to its website, and touted as Indiana’s oldest street festival. The theme of the parade was “Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future.”

A Lions Club board member spoke with WCPO and said the organization was not prepared to make a statement.

The parade manager did not return a call by a WCPO reporter.

Meanwhile, Frank Linkmeyer, whose trailer which held the float is now in his driveway, says he didn’t mean to offend anyone and he’s sorry. He did a really bad job of trying to not be offensive. We’re pretty sure Trump supporters will say it’s being politically correct to object because children have to witness a display of racism. One man said, “If anyone is offended by it, well don’t look at it.” It’s pretty hard to change the channel on a parade you’re attending. The float was right there in everyone’s faces.

Images via screen capture