Keith Olbermann: Donald Trump Wants To Protect The Right To Poison Dogs (VIDEO)

Four years ago, many complained about the fact that Mitt Romney once took a vacation with his dog strapped to the top of his car. That might not have been the ultimate demise of the Romney campaign, but for people who love animals, it demonstrated a cruel streak that many said made him unfit to be president.

Donald Trump doesn’t have a dog story quite like that, mainly because there’s no record he’s ever had a dog, or for that matter, any pet. While that isn’t in and of itself that unusual, Trump has repeatedly shown that he too has a cruel streak when it comes to animals, and in particular, dogs.

Keith Olbermann hilariously demonstrated that in a video, “Why is Donald Trump Such a Weirdo About Dogs?”

In the video, Olbermann shows several tweets and comments from Trump about people being “fired like a dog,” or “kicked out of the ABC news debate ‘like a dog,'” or “begging for money ‘like a dog.'” Mitt Romney “choked like a dog,” according to Trump. Clearly, dogs don’t get fired from jobs. They don’t beg for money (although it’s not above them to beg for treats).

For Olbermann, the most ridiculous “like a dog” comment to come from Trump was when he accused Marco Rubio of “sweating like a dog.” Anyone who knows anything at all about dogs, knows that dogs don’t sweat. They do pant, though, and that can make them very thirsty, so I suppose there is a Rubio comparison to dogs, just not that one.

“People who don’t have dogs still know about dogs,” Olbermann said. “What the hell? Is he from Mars?”

The far, far bigger issue, though, has nothing to do with tweets or silly rhetoric. It has everything to do with how he’ll do and what he’ll do as President of the United States. Trump, like pretty much all Republicans, sees regulations as obstacles to his getting even wealthier than he is.

In a press release that has since been pulled off the internet, Trump complained about the “FDA Food Police,” and complained that the federal government “expects farmers to produce fruits and vegetables and even dictates the nutritional content of dog food.” (emphasis added).

As Olbermann pointed out, in the last year, 11 of the 23 pet food recalls from the FDA have been because dog food manufacturers were poisoning dogs. That’s when Olbermann, visibly angry, said that Trump has hinted that as a president, “he would protect a business man’s right to poison dogs.”

Here’s the video:

Upwards of half of all Americans own pets. Beyond that, cruelty to animals is a major indicator of other psychological problems, including psychopathy. In other words, you don’t have to be a dog owner to see that Trump’s attitude toward dogs sets a dangerous precedent for how he’d run the country.

Featured image of Donald Trump via Spencer Platt/Getty Images | Featured image of dog via Noel Vasquez/Getty Images.