WATCH: Van Jones EVISCERATES Supporter Who Thinks Trump’s Tax Evasion Is ‘Genius’

Donald Trump has been positioning himself as an outsider who is going to clean up the corruption that is rampant in the United States government. That is, of course, absolute hogwash. It is the billionaire class that has ushered in our current era of oligarchical rule. On Sunday, CNN political analyst Van Jones informed one of Trump’s surrogates that he is a billionaire who manipulates the tax code for his benefit and thus is the corruption he claims to be fighting.

During Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s State of the Union, the show’s host Jake Tapper questioned Trump super fan Rachel Campos-Duffy on the New York Times‘ revelation that Trump may have used the tax code in a way to get out of paying income taxes for two decades. She dodged his question and said that President Obama is “the epitome of cronyism.”

Jones then called out Campos-Duffy for evading the question, saying “That’s a good pivot.” That’s when Jones let Campos-Duffy have it. He lambasted her and Trump for championing his tax manipulation.

“It is, in fact, true if Donald Trump lost a billion dollars, think about this, lost a billion dollars, he could wind up as a winner legally in his taxes for a generation. Is that because he’s a genius?” Jones asked incredulously. “It’s because billionaires have armies of lobbyists to write the rules. Here’s the deal: If you’re obeying horrible rules that you helped to write, that doesn’t make you a genius. It makes you a part of the corruption.”

That’s exactly what every Trump supporter needs to understand. Trump is not the answer to the problems that are facing the nation. By electing Trump as president, all they are doing is taking the middle man out of the corrupt political process. Instead of electing officials who take orders from the wealthy, they would just be electing the wealthy to the office directly.

The segment is one of the best that has come out of a political talk show this election season. Van Jones masterfully expresses what so many who have been fighting against Trump since he was crowned with Republican presidential nomination. What’s more, Center for American Progress’ CEO Neera Tanden explains exactly why it is so important for Trump to release his tax returns. If he did so, he could prove that he is as honest as he says he is. However, he won’t.  He has broken from decades of tradition and only offers pathetic excuses as to why he won’t release his returns. It does not appear that he will do so even now. That’s because he has something to hide. The moment he does his campaign will be effectively over. If one snippet of info from his 1995 returns can be as damaging as they have so far been, one can only imagine the skeletons he is hiding.

You can watch the segment below in full.

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