WATCH: Alec Baldwin Nails It As Trump In SNL’s Perfect Debate Sketch

The season premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night Live! Has been a much-anticipated event. The show’s election based skits have always tended to be among their best. So far this season appears to keep up with that trend. During this premiere, audiences were given a real treat — seeing Alec Baldwin do his very best impression of Donald Trump.

Not only did viewers get to see Baldwin don the persona of the republican presidential nominee, they also got to see him reenact the recent presidential debate with Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton.

The two are excellent throughout the skit. It begins with Baldwin at the podium introducing himself as Trump to the audience, where he says:

“Good evening America. I’m going to be so good tonight. I’m going to be so calm and so presidential that all of you watching are going to cream your jeans.”

Considering that he is speaking in complete sentences and capable of articulating an actual thought, however bombastic, Baldwin’s version of Trump is doing fairly well compared to the real life version. Speaking of amazing entrances, Mckinnon also made quite the splash when she entered the stage as Clinton. She began by ambling towards the podium while using a cane and coughing. She then abruptly drops the cane and proceeds to do a summersault. When she stands up she says, “I’m better than ever, let’s do this.”

Neither candidate was spared during the sketch. Clinton was lampooned for some of her calculated responses.

“Well, Lester my opponent’s tax plan benefits the top 1% so much it’s not just trickle-down economics. It’s, I don’t know if I had to call it something off of the top of the old dome, with no prep whatsoever, I’d call it Trumped up trickle-down economics,” McKinnon responds when asked how she would help grow the economy.

The best part about the sketch though is definitely Baldwin’s take on Trump. You cannot help but laugh every time he enunciates the word “China.” It’s also a pleasure to hear Baldwin say things that almost sound as if they the writers imagined what was really going on in Trump’s head during the debate. Such as when Baldwin as Trump talks about black Americans and says:

“The thing about the blacks is that they’re killing each other. All the blacks live one street in Chicago. I went there this morning, it’s called Hell street.”

That’s exactly the type of thing I could see Trump saying during a debate, provided he didn’t have the number of handlers coaching him as he does now.

Saturday Night Live! Is back and I will certainly be looking forward to watching them satirize this election.

You can watch the sketch below.

Featured image via video screenshot