Trump LOSES IT, Has Complete Nervous Breakdown After His Worst Week EVER (VIDEOS)

Trump has been having a very, very bad week. First, he humiliated himself in front of millions of viewers in Monday night’s debate, then he reacted by fat shaming and slut shaming a former Miss Universe. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Trump, some of his tax returns were uncovered, showing that Trump has likely not paid a penny in federal income tax for nearly two decades.

Now, the stress is starting to show.

In his latest rally in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Saturday night, he completely lost it, several times, reverting to childish antics and mockery. This is how the Washington Post recapped it:

It took Trump nearly 25 minutes to read the brief statement because he kept going off on one angry tangent after another — ignoring his teleprompters and accusing Clinton of not being “loyal” to her husband, imitating her buckling at a memorial service last month, suggesting that she is “crazy” and saying she should be in prison. He urged his mostly white crowd of supporters to go to polling places in “certain areas” on Election Day to “watch” the voters there. He also repeatedly complained about having a “bum mic” at the first presidential debate and wondered if he should have done another season of “The Apprentice.”

First, he mocked Hillary Clinton for having pneumonia:

There’s nothing particularly new there, though. His favorite attack is mockery of those who dare be human, like when he mocked a disabled reporter.

It gets worse, though. In another part of the speech, the thrice married, serial philanderer Trump accused Hillary Clinton of cheating on Bill.

Is that my imagination, or did his crowd actually boo him?

Perhaps the worst part of that rally was Trump’s not so subtle dog whistle instructing his followers to go into black neighborhoods “certain areas” and monitor the polls.

For a couple weeks after Trump hired campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Trump seemed to be following his script and he appeared to be running a more disciplined message. That discipline is not only out the window, Saturday’s rally proves he’s far more unhinged than he’s ever been. Trump is not used to losing, and to borrow a term from him, he’s losing “bigly.”

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images