BREAKING: WikiLeaks’ Big Anti-Hillary October Surprise CANCELLED

There’s something about Donald Trump and his surrogates. They threaten information that’s bound to doom their opponents and then, nothing.

Perhaps the most obvious example was when Donald Trump insisted that he sent investigators to Hawaii to examine President Obama’s birth certificate. He promised that his investigators “cannot believe what they’re finding.”

Apparently, they couldn’t believe what they found because it was literally nothing. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and Trump’s promise of a surprise never panned out.

Now we have tacit Trump surrogate Julian Assange making promises of emails that will destroy Hillary Clinton. This was supposed to happen before the debate last Monday night. It didn’t. Then, he promised that the emails would be released next week. They won’t be. He’s blaming “security.”

The Trump campaign is probably reeling. Roger Stone, the CNN pundit, who, until just last week, was double dipping on Trump’s payroll as well, tweeted this on Saturday:

Perhaps the security concerns are real or perhaps they’re not. Still, as someone on Twitter pointed out, Assange has other platforms, like video. Why does he need that particular balcony to make his big, oh so damning announcement?

So far, Assange’s leaks have been pretty weak. The most damaging was during the primaries when he released emails damning to the DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz who trash talked Bernie Sanders. Yes, there were a lot of problems with this leak, and yes, Schultz did deserve to lose her job, but there was no evidence of any actual wrongdoing. It just looked bad.

While the DNC leaks showed that they were likely colluding with Hillary Clinton, Assange’s motives are much more suspect. It’s likely that Russia is behind the hacking, which would mean that Trump is being assisted, in a scenario that would have made even Richard Nixon say “whoa,” by foreign nationals. Trump even asked Russia to hack Clinton. That may be treason.

Featured image via Carl Court/Getty Images.