BREAKING: Harry Reid Calls Trump ‘Rich Brat’ Who Won’t Release Tax Returns Because He’s ‘Spoiled’

Donald Trump has one hell of a week. Starting off with his abysmal performance in last Monday’s debate and ending with Saturday’s New York Times’ 1995 tax bombshell. Trump is currently being lambasted for his manipulation of the tax system and his refusal to release his tax returns.

Harry Reid has joined in with rest of the left and has arguably released the most scathing indictment of Trump on the matter of his taxes so far.

“Trump is a billion-dollar loser who won’t release his taxes because they’ll expose him as a spoiled, rich brat who lost the millions he inherited from his father, Reid writes in a press release. Despite losing a billion dollars, Trump wants to reward himself with more tax breaks on inherited wealth while stiffing middle-class families who earn their paychecks with hard work.”

Damn, that’s brutal. The U.S. Democratic Senate leader did not stop there. Reid continues, demanding that Trump release his tax returns and spells out very clearly what it means if the Republican presidential nominee continues to refuse to do so.

“Trump is over-leveraged and deeply indebted to someone, but until he releases his taxes we won’t know who. The implications for America’s security are severe. The American people deserve to know who has leverage over this man who wants to be president. In the name of the public interest, the Senate should immediately pass the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which would force all presidential candidates to release their tax returns. If all senators agreed to pass this act for the good of the country, we could pass it in a matter of minutes.”

If the Presidential Tax Transparency Act were passed, Trump would be forced to release his tax returns.

“Let’s step back and take stock: Senate Republicans have put party so far ahead of country, they’ve endorsed a racist, incompetent failure who managed to lose a billion dollars in a boom year,” Reid writes. “Now they are helping Trump hide his tax returns and preventing the American people from knowing what individuals, businesses or foreign interests could have leverage over Trump.”

It’s time we rip open Trump’s closet and let the world see the financial skeletons he is hiding. The American people have trusted their officials to release their tax returns voluntarily. Trump is the first person in decades not to release his returns. He has proven that he cannot be trusted. Trump and all other future candidates’ tax returns releases should be mandatory. Not only will it will be a small step forward towards a brighter more transparent democracy, it’ll also make the financially corrupt think twice before running for office.

Featured Image from Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images