Katrina Pierson Just Blamed Hillary Clinton For Trump’s Stop-And-Frisk Plan (VIDEO)

Following the presidential debate, Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson opened her mouth on CBS and stupidity just flowed out of it. Pierson was on the show to discuss Donald Trump’s debate performance on Monday. When Trump wasn’t sniffling, he was interrupting Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, Pierson blamed Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump touting the stop-and-frisk policy, which by the way, was ruled unconstitutional in 2013.

During the post-debate panel, Pierson was asked to comment on Donald Trump’s recent proposal to get more cities to adopt the kind of stop-and-frisk policy in New York that was found unconstitutional back in 2013. As a shock to no one ever, Rudy Giuliani, a huge Trump supporter, is and was a proponent of the racist policy.

Pierson took another route and blamed Clinton, because of course:

“In responding, Pierson said that stop-and-frisk was effective at stopping crime and was not really racist — but then she blamed Hillary Clinton for stop-and-frisk being necessary because of her own racism.”

“It actually did work in New York,” Pierson said of the stop-and-frisk policy. “But we have to get down to why, because that’s why we’re here today. We have two candidates who have very different views. The reason why we have this problem, the reason why stop-and-frisk was implemented, was there were disparities with regard to who people were pulling over,” she continued. She went on to say:

“And it’s profiling, criminal profiling, not necessarily racial profiling, even though it comes across that way. But the reason why we had it was that we had the First Lady of the United States who went out on the national stage and dehumanized young black children… this has been the conditioning of the American public where black children have been demonized, Hillary Clinton owns that.”


In late August, Trump tweeted, “How quickly people forget that Crooked Hillary called African-American youth “SUPER PREDATORS” – Has she apologized?”

Yes, Hillary Clinton made the “super predators” remark more than 20 years ago, but it was not directed toward African-American children.

This is nothing new for Pierson. Just last month, she blamed President Obama for Iraq war deaths in 2004.

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