FRAUD: Architect Who Was Scammed For $100k Exposes The Real Trump (VIDEO)

During Monday night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of screwing thousands of his workers out of the wages that they owe him. It was a shining moment for Clinton, that highlighted how Trump’s entire fortune comes from not his business savvy, but his unending greed and eagerness to exploit anyone he can.

Before saying that she is glad that Trump never did business with her father, she directly told Trump that he needed to apologize to all those he hurt, saying:

“Do the thousands of people that you have stiffed over the course of your business not deserve some kind of apology from someone who has taken their labor, taken the goods that they’ve produced and then refused to pay them?”

One of those people that Trump stiffed over is an architect named Andrew Tesoro. Tesoro sat down for an interview on MSNBC Live, where he revealed how Trump did not pay him the $100,000 dollars that were owed to him for helping to a clubhouse at one of Trump’s many golf courses.

Tesoro was asked whether he was paid for the work he had done on the clubhouse. He responded by saying:

“No, he didn’t. He paid partially along the way and the project snowballed over a four year period and our role in the project snowballed as well. We became very much involved in interior design and construction stage work. We made many supplemental agreements as we went along and in the end those agreements were not honored.”

Because Trump will do anything to distance himself from his fraudulent business practices, he recently asserted that Tesoro probably wasn’t paid because of shoddy work.

That comment should really be biting him in the ass now. That’s because Tesoro revealed that Trump had written him a letter of recommendation in 2006. In the letter, Trump praised Tesoro for his work.

Tesser’s experience is not unique. It seems like every day that more people are coming out in droves and exposing the various ways that Trump has royally screwed them over.

One report has been particularly damning. USA Today found that Trump has been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades. They also found that he has left everyone from cabinetmakers to carpenters left without being paid in full, or on time.

While those numbers certainly make it easier to understand how far reaching Trump’s fraudulent practices are, hearing it from someone who was a victim of them makes it so much more real.

You can watch Tesoro expose Trump for scam artist in his own words below.

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