Even His White Supremacist Base Knows Trump Blew It (IMAGES)

Monday night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was so one-sided that virtually everyone, short of the most ardent Trump supporters, thinks the GOP candidate tanked, bigly.

Social media isn’t pretty for Trump. Even his white supremacist base is doubting him after his subpar performance in Monday’s debate. Here are just some from Stormfront. If you aren’t familiar with Stormfront, they are proud “white nationalists” and they are very pro-Trump. They’re still pro-Trump, but they know that their candidate dug himself a hole on Monday night. Here are a few of their posts, courtesy of the Concourse:





Stormfront isn’t the only group that believes Hillary “mopped the floor” with Trump. 4chan, the alt-right message board, was filled with disheartened white supremacists (our favorite kind). They were filled with excuses, but the overwhelming opinion seemed to be that their candidate was beaten by a woman.



Some were offended when Trump said the DNC hack could have been orchestrated by someone weighing 400 pounds and sitting on his bed.


White nationalists aren’t the only conservative voters complaining that their candidate lost.

“I’m not positive Hillary actually won the debate. But I’m sure Trump lost it. He choked,” writes Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol.

Ouch, when Bill Kristol turns on you…

“Even if you are a Trump supporter, you have to think that he left a lot on the table,” writes GOP supper lobbyist Ed Rogers, a veteran of the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses. “He didn’t see the openings and he didn’t swing at the softballs that came his way. He never used the word ‘change,’ he didn’t bore in on Hillary’s email scandal and he never got around to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s suspect integrity. Trump was inarticulate and rarely hit the bull’s eye.”

Not exactly giving props to Hillary, but…

“After the first 20 minutes, it may have been the most lopsided debate I’ve ever seen — and not because Clinton was particularly effective. But you don’t need to be good when your opponent is bad,” writes National Review’s David French, who considered running for president as an independent. “Why didn’t he have a better answer ready for the birther nonsense? Has he still not done any homework on foreign policy? I felt like I was watching the political Titanic hit the iceberg, back up, and hit it again. Just for fun.”

The Washington Post has a bunch of other conservative reactions.

While it’s doubtful the white supremacists or any of the other quoted conservatives will pull the lever for Hillary Clinton, it is clear that Trump showed his vulnerabilities last night and he proved that he’s not fit, at all, to be Commander-in-Chief.

Featured image via Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images