Trump Retweets Article That Destroyed Him, And He Was Too Dumb To Know It

Donald Trump is perhaps the most predictable person who’s ever run for president. If someone disses him, they are enemies for life, and if someone says something positive about the self-proclaimed (we won’t believe it unless he releases his tax returns) billionaire, brutal dictator or not, they will have Trump’s loyalty and respect.

Now, things get a little weird when people are sarcastic, as is the case with a Washington Post article that, if you didn’t read it, might be something somewhat positive about the GOP nominee. Trump obviously didn’t read the article. He would have hated it, but he did retweet the article entitled “Donald Trump’s birther event is the greatest trick he’s ever pulled”:

Most of us, at least those of us who are capable of critical thought, would probably not assume that the article was a positive portrayal of Trump’s birther farce, but, well, we’re talking about Trump. As for the article, no, it was pretty brutal toward Trump. Here are a few snippets:

Donald Trump is, at heart, a showman. He rose to national fame thanks to star turns on reality TV in which he played the tough-talking boss to a group of aspirants hoping to become as successful as he has been in business. His great gift is the ability to draw attention — and then use that attention for his own, usually commercial, purposes.

Trump might have read that far. He’s proud of being a showman and he’s pretty damned good at it, in much the same way that snake oil salesmen were good at their jobs.

Trump may have outdone himself on Friday morning. He and his campaign touted a “major” announcement at his newly opened hotel in Washington, D.C., at 10 a.m. The word was that Trump would walk away from his past skepticism about President Obama’s citizenship while also laying the blame for the birther movement at the feet of Hillary Clinton. (That, of course, isn’t true — according to numerous fact-checkers — but no matter: Trump planned to say it anyway.)

The article goes on to fact check some of Trump’s many lies, especially in regard to the birther controversy. No, Hillary Clinton didn’t start it and yes, Donald Trump has long been a birther.

The Washington Post then went on to describe the event, and it wasn’t flattering. This is how they described Trump’s announcement:

Three sentences from Trump himself — one that is totally false and two others that represent a total reversal from a position he held as recently as, well, Thursday night.

Clearly, Trump didn’t read the article, which is a little frightening. Presidents are given several pages, if not hundreds, of important documents ever single day. It’s critical that our President read and not just assume and retweet.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images