‘We See Only One Viable Leader’: Nonpartisan Generals Break Tradition, Endorse Hillary (VIDEO)

Two previously nonpartisan generals have broken a decades-long tradition of keeping their votes private, in what is likely to be yet another nail in the GOP’s coffin this election cycle. TIME magazine reports:

Two four-star generals, Bob Sennewald, former commanding general of the U.S. Army Forces Command and David Maddox, former commander in chief of the U.S. Army-Europe, announced their endorsement on Thursday.

“Our votes have always been private, and neither of us has ever previously lent his name or voice to a presidential candidate,” they said in a joint statement. “Having studied what is at stake for this country and the alternatives we have now, we see only one viable leader, and will be voting this November for Secretary Hillary Clinton.”

This is a victory for Hillary, as both campaigns focus on courting the military vote. American Legion, the largest veterans organization in the United States, held their convention last week. Both candidates gave speeches and pandered as best as they could (Trump’s speech had some creepy fascist undertones), but with key differences: Supporters of Trump praised his “forcefulness” and “presence,” whereas Hillary supporters applauded her for actual plans and substance.

This actually serves very well as an example to illustrate the primary differences between the candidates as a whole. And while Trump likely enjoys a massive lead among most active-duty troops, that pattern does not hold true everywhere — intelligence officials, national security advisers, and military leadership all seem to favor Hillary.

The reason is simple: Trump is not competent. There is emotional appeal in his charisma and presence that apparently strikes a chord with some people, but for the half of the nation that prefers thought before action, it’s simply not enough. Hillary has the experience, knowledge, and basic competency to get the job done, which Trump entirely lacks. For strategic thinkers worried about the future of our nation, the choice could not be any more clear.

Here’s the entirety of Hillary’s speech to the American Legion, courtesy of PBS:

Featured image via Scott Eisen/Getty Images