WATCH: Trump Awkwardly Panders To Empty Black Church So White People Will Vote For Him

Trump has recently caught on to the fact that there just aren’t quite enough angry white guys and open racists to get him elected, and has decided to strike a more moderate tone — sometimes — in an effort to have broader appeal. If you believe the Trump camp, he’s honestly trying to court the vote of black Americans. For those of us that weren’t born yesterday, it’s pretty obvious what the real goal is here: He’s trying send a message to the “not racist” white voters at home that it really is morally acceptable to vote for him, promise!

And it’s pretty obvious black people aren’t buying it, either. Trump has made headlines today for a highly publicized photo op at an African-American church (“This is the first African-American church he’s been in y’all,” Bishop Jackson said, as he introduced him) but apparently, a significant percentage of the congregation stiffed him. There were also protests outside, and inside, the building was nearly empty, as shown in this Tweet by Politico’s Shane Goldmacher:


Even for this photo op, Trump was not fully able to turn the racism off, however. His speech, obviously written by someone else, was full of subdued tones and pandering, but this video clip by ABC News probably sums it up best:


Because if you’re black and from Detroit, what are the chances you know anything about American history, amiright? Twitter promptly let Trump have it for that one and rightly so:


Other than tweeting the event, Goldmacher also wrote an article for Politico that highlights the church visit:

Chuck Westbrook, a lifelong Detroit resident who attended the service, said Trump’s tone here was unfamiliar, “like a weak little whisper from Donald Trump.”

Westbrook said Trump would struggle to cut into Clinton’s overwhelming support among African-Americans. “Her track record is so long with black people,” he said, mentioning her work for children in the 1970s. “Donald Trump hasn’t done anything for black people in 30 years.”

As I said, Trump’s not fooling anybody. And to you conservative-leaning white people that aren’t racist and have felt better about voting for Trump over the last week of his “outreach,” don’t. He’s still as racist and repugnant as always, and the fact that his “outreach” has consisted of assuaging the doubts of suburban whites makes his racism insidiously worse than ever.

Featured image via screen capture