Detroit Reverend BLASTS Trump’s ‘Scam’ He Just Tried To Pull On Voters (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s visit to a historically black church in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday is being met with fierce condemnation from black leaders. Reverend Wendell Anthony is one of those leaders who is calling out Trump. On Saturday, Anthony, who is the head of the Detroit NAACP chapter, appeared on CNN where he derided the entire visit as a “scam.”

“This is nothing more than a ruse. This is a scam,” Anthony said during the segment. “Mr. Trump is seventy years old, I believe. That election now is less than seventy days from now. It’s gonna take a whole lot of conjecture and whole lot of programming to undo what has been done.”

Anthony is correct. Trump has polling numbers so low with voters of color that it seems almost absurd at this point to try and win them over so close to the election. Considering Trump’s support from white supremacist groups, and his recently solidified multi-media brand promotion deal relationship with the reactionary media site Breitbart, which has historically upheld white supremacist positions, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell those numbers will go up. In fact, since Trump began his new strategy of begging voters of color to take a chance on him, his polling numbers with the voting bloc have plummeted even further.

Then there’s also this long list of reasons that Anthony lists off:

“Before you talk about the can-do, let’s talk about the undo,” he continued. “Let’s undo what Mr. Trump has done. Part of what he said is that we need to unite the country. Well his policies, or lack thereof, his commentary, his rhetoric, is doing no more than dividing this nation. When you talk about ‘I don’t want black people counting my money,’ or rather have ‘short folk with yarmulkes counting my money’ — that’s divisive!”

It’s rather amusing to see someone whose entire political career thus far has been made possible by the far right’s racism and xenophobia try and pander to voters of color. There’s also something sad about it. Very sad!

You can watch the video below.

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