Newt Gingrich Attempted To Stiff Small Businesses, FEC Shot Him Down

Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker and now Trump-surrogate, apparently pulled a page out of the Republican presidential nominee’s playbook when he attempted to stiff over 144 businesses (including dozens of small businesses) who helped him with his 2012 failed presidential campaign.

Gingrich, who owes over $4 million in campaign debt, recently filed documents with the Federal Elections Commission to effectively detail a debt settlement that would end his presidential election committee, thus allowing him to escape paying the millions back to creditors and consultants who helped his campaign.

Many of these small businesses manufactured lawn signs and organized TV spots for the Republican candidate, who four years later would be runner-up on Donald Trump’s V.P. slot.

Luckily the FEC wasn’t having any of it rejected Gingrich’s debt settlement, saying that his plan does not “meet the requirement” under federal election law because it “contains no debt settlement agreements and must continue to file all required reports.” So instead of the FEC taking action right now, Gingrich will have to complete the entire process of debt settlement plan procedures.

Gingrich, who is worth anywhere between $7 to $30 million, has some nerve stiffing small business owners when they poured their resources into his failed presidential campaign. Perhaps this is why Trump didn’t pick him: they both have gotten flak for stiffing honest, hardworking business owners.

It’s time Republicans take responsibility for their actions and pay their debts. While busy running small businesses into the ground, they have the gall to stand up on stages and podiums and proclaim to be saviors of small businesses.

So many people have been hurt at the hands of Republicans, it’s hard to keep track. But this election has shown the American people one thing: Republicans do not pay back their debts, and they will crush anyone to save a buck.

Hopefully, the FEC denied Gingrich again and forces him to pay back his debts to those who helped him. If he were an honest conservative (fiscal responsibility?), this wouldn’t even be an issue in the first place.

Featured image via John Moore/Getty Images