Trump Is LITERALLY Polling At 0% With Black People (IMAGE/VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s recent African-American “outreach” efforts seem to have been wasted. Sure, he basically spends his time talking to white people about black people rather than actually visiting black communities, and that might not be the most effective use of his time, but as his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski points out Trump doesn’t actually feel safe around “the blacks,” as he calls African-Americans.

Monday night, Public Policy Polling released a preview of a new poll that lets people know exactly how well screaming at white people about black people sits with the African-American community. And as Rachel Maddow revealed on her show, it doesn’t seem to work very well. Trump is polling at an astounding 0% favorability rating with African-Americans with a whopping 97% unfavorability rating (though the 3% undecided, of course, might allow him to pull himself up to a whole 3%).

The poll, which was conducted August 26-28 and has a margin of error of +/- 3%, also asked African-Americans to compare Trump to a number of things generally detested by society. He lost to personal injury lawyers, middle seats on airplanes, carnies, Ryan Lochte, junk mail, mosquitoes, the Bubonic Plague, and even bedbugs.

Overall, the poll shows Clinton leading Trump 42-37%, with Gary Johnson snagging 6% and Jill “Moon Beam” Stein somehow earning 4% of the vote and 10% undecided.

Trump isn’t exactly known for his love of African-Americans. Not only have his inflammatory remarks cemented him as the “KKK candidate,” but he actively practiced housing discrimination against black people, reportedly ordered all black people off the floor when visiting his businesses, argued in 1987 that five innocent black teens accused of rape should be executed (in fact, he took out a full-page newspaper ad to make this case), complained about “black guys counting [his] money,” has repeatedly questioned President Obama’s citizenship, and much, much more.

More recently, he has portrayed African-Americans as individuals with “no education” who are jobless with “no homes” who live in “war zones.”

His recent “outreach” efforts have been dismal as well, with The Donald seizing upon a NBA star’s family member’s death to say that the murder will cause Black people to vote for him:

While Trump doesn’t much talk to black people enough to know how much they hate him, The Star spoke to some African-Americans in Philadelphia, and they aren’t exactly fans:

“Extremely insulting. And I think purposely insulting,” said lawyer Rasheedah Phillips, 32.

“He’s getting the ships ready. He wants to send us back over to Africa,” said Douglas Skipworth, 33, who does maintenance work.

“Black folk aren’t fooled by this thing. African-Americans are clear about who Trump is,” said professor Anyabwile Love, 41, watching his 2-year-old son. “Many other elections, local and national, it’s been the lesser of the two evils. In this, it’s not even lesser of two evils. It’s one is completely against us and one is not.”

Trump has a historically dreadful approval rating with black voters, as low as 1 per cent. But as he frantically attempts to convince white people that he is not a racist, black people have suddenly become central to his message.

Which black people believe is racist.


“I haven’t been shot. I got an education,” said Donte, a 17-year-old high school student. “Or — Ihave an education. Just in case he hears this.”

The contempt was strong. Navy veteran Rodney Thomas, 50, said he stopped paying attention to Trump long ago, his mind made up, for this reason: “I hate stupidity.”

Watch Maddow reveal the poll results below:

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