WATCH: Scottie Nell Hughes Calls Clinton A Bigot For Speaking Out Against Racism

On Sunday, Scottie Nell Hughes joined a panel discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources where the Trump campaign surrogate defended Donald Trump’s characterization of his Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton as a “bigot.” The justification for the label? Clinton is prejudiced against the racist faction of Trump’s base.

Most of the conversation surrounded the Trump campaigns hiring of Steve Bannon as his campaign CEO. Bannon is officially on a “temporary leave” from his position as the executive chairman for the reactionary (often dubbed as the “alt-right”) right-wing media site, Breitbart. The site caters to an audience that would probably consider Fox News to be a liberal propaganda network.

MTV News host, Jamil Smith said during the panel discussion that he considers Breitbart to support white supremacy and racism.

“I would say that [Breitbart is] part of the white supremacist machine. They are trying to make sure these views become mainstream. And I think, through Trump, they are finding a way to do that.”

Trump has faced waves of criticism for the move to hire Bannon from Clinton, the left, and even some members of the right. To which Trump referred to Clinton as a bigot for doing so. Here’s Hughes justification for the use of the term:

“Bigotry, if you look at the definition, it’s about someone who’s small-minded and sits there and directs hate towards a certain group. Hillary Clinton’s speech was all about hate towards a group that, while my fellow counterpart might consider them to be very racist, it’s the exact opposite.”

At that point, Hughes dives hot-head first into one of her just this side of unhinged rants, claiming that just because a section of Breitbart’s readers are white supremacists, doesn’t mean they all are.

Smith, apparently noticing that Hughes doesn’t understand what he said at all clarifies his position:

“What they present is the view of the white supremacist mentality through their coverage. It’s not necessarily saying, ‘Well, everyone who works there is a white supremacist.’ I don’t know that.” Smith continues, finalizing his thoughts, “The point is to say, what kind of viewpoint did they reflect? And it’s undeniable that they reflect a white supremacist view if you looked over their coverage over the last several years.”

I would consider being called a bigot against white supremacists and those who promote it a badge of honor, as I’m sure most people would. In the mind of a Trump campaign surrogate, that’s a valid line of attack.

You can watch the segment below.

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