WATCH: Hitler EXPLODES At Trump Campaign In Hilarious Video Mocking White Supremacist Rage

As white supremacists whine about Donald Trump’s flip-flop on immigration, someone kindly created a video of Adolf Hitler going batshit crazy about it.

During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, who has become the Republican nominee’s chief propagandist, Trump backed away from his core promise to round up and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Of course, all of the racists who support Trump’s campaign immediately lost their small minds, with some even going so far as to threaten Trump if he doesn’t keep his original promise.

Ann Coulter even threw a fit about it and complained that Trump is talking about amnesty. So it looks like Coulter and the rest of Trump’s hardcore supporters have lost a little trust in their candidate, which is hysterical since Coulter’s new book is titled In Trump We Trust.

To mock Trump’s supporters, RINO Pundit used the Hitler biopic film Downfall and changed all of the subtitles to show the Nazi leader furiously throwing a temper tantrum over Trump’s new immigration flap. Hannity, Coulter, Reince Priebus, Chris Christie, and Matt Drudge are all not spared from Hitler’s wrath in this hilarious video.

It begins with one of Hitler’s advisers telling him that Trump could get through a full week without committing a gaffe since Coulter is starting her book tour.

Hitler is relieved that Trump may finally be in the clear as long as he doesn’t pivot on immigration too drastically. Then he is told of Trump’s Hannity interview.

“Trump went full-blown amnesty on a Hannity special,” an adviser reluctantly informs the Fuhrer.

Then the fun begins as Hitler asks everyone who predicted that Trump would flip-flop to leave the room. All but five leave. Hitler then loses his shit and just about every major Trump supporter gets mocked.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

This is going to make every white supremacist in America throw a hissy fit. So thank you, RINO Pundit. We salute you.

Featured image via screen capture