WATCH: Colbert Tears Mylan CEO Apart With This Brilliant Comparison

Stephen Colbert delivered a scathing segment directed at Mylan executive Heather Bresch on Friday night, for raising the price of Epipens. During the segment, Colbert compared Bresch to Martin Shkreli, A.K.A “Pharma Bro,” the CEO responsible for raising the price of HIV medication by 5,000 percent.

Early on in the segment, Colbert hilariously pretends to use one of the lifesaving Epipens, saying:

“That was a clone one. I am allergic to douche.”

The devices’ price jumped from $100 dollars a pair to $600 dollars a pair without any good reason for the cost increase—other than increasing Mylan’s profits.

She’s ‘frustrated,’” Colbert said. “I mean the tone-deafness of that just takes your breath away — and getting your breath back will cost you over 600 bucks.”

Mylan has responded to widespread condemnation of the price hike, by essentially pretending to lower the cost of the medical device. However, it’s actually a public relations move that doesn’t actually do much to lower the cost at all.

While CEOs such as Bresch and Shkreli  have taken heat for artificially increasing the cost of medications, they are just following the overall trend in the pharmaceutical industry. A recent study found that the cost of prescription drugs have been skyrocketing for the past five years.

Pharmaceutical companies can charge whatever they like for their medications. Other countries, such as Canada which has a national healthcare system, regulates such things. Which is why Canadians have not been subjected to the same price gouging for Epipens as people in the United States have been.

Bresch and Shkreli  are certainly douchebags who are worthy of Colbert and the public’s mockery. However, they are just cogs in a machine that will continue to hum along until people demand real change in the United States healthcare system.

You can watch the segment below, in full.

Featured image via screen capture