GOP Senator Says Trump Doesn’t Deserve To Win

Another Republican senator has soured on Donald Trump. First it was Mark Kirk, then it was Susan Collins, and now it’s Jeff Flake.

Flake, who serves with John McCain from the quickly turning purple Arizona, has for months been holding out an endorsement of Trump, citing concerns over the tone and rhetoric of his campaign and of the candidate himself.

Well now Flake has had enough, and has basically thrown up his hands in exasperation. Speaking to an Allstate town hall meeting, Flake told the insurance group:

“One, I don’t think he can win if he continues to run this kind of campaign. And two, I don’t think he should win as he continues to campaign as he is, taking the kinds of positions he’s taking and the language he’s using.”

Flake, who has publicly denounced Trump multiple times for his comments on Muslims and Mexican immigrants, warned that should Trump continue his dangerous and racist rhetoric, millions of young voters will turn against the GOP for the long haul, not just in November:

“Only one in five voters under age 35 plans to pull the Republican lever. If we don’t change that, we consign ourselves to political oblivion in the future. And we have a candidate that is not reaching out but is instead finding new ways to offend just about every demographic we have out there. The implications will be far bigger than just losing the presidency in November.”

If anyone should be scared, it’s Flake. Arizona is increasingly becoming competitive for Democrats, with the state’s rising Hispanic and Latino population close to outnumbering its traditionally white, conservative base. Several polls have Clinton beating Trump by four points, and John McCain is currently trailing Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in the polls for the upcoming Senate election. Not only is McCain on the verge of losing, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is also trailing in the polls to his Democratic challenger.

Flake admits his vocal criticism of Trump may hurt his political future, but he has stood firm, telling reporters “there are a lot of people that appreciate somebody pushing back, too.”

While John McCain has sold out, Jeff Flake has decided to push back hard against bigotry, racism and fear (for now). Although not a full on condemnation and snub, a welcomed point of view nonetheless.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images