Donald Trump Colorado Campaign Office Is Literally Run By A Kid (VIDEO)

The Donald Trump campaign is relying heavily on a 12 year old to help open a field office in one of the most important counties in the swing state of Colorado. You read that right. A 12-year-old is being relied upon to ensure that the thin-skinned man-baby candidate obtains keys to the White House.

Weston Imer is co-chair of the campaign in Jefferson County, but his mother, the official field coordinator, said that she gave her son the bulk of the work in order to help teach him responsibility.

Weston sits in the office instructing volunteers on what to do, as well as making phone calls to Trump supporters.

“Get involved — kids need to be educated,” Weston said, according to KDVR.

“Parents have the responsibility to educate their kids,” Laurel Imer said.

Weston will be at the field office every day until he has to start school in September. At the tender age of 12-years-old, Weston is likely in the 7th grade.

“Do you want to be President of the United States one day?” a reporter asked Weston.

“Definitely, 2040 watch for me and Baron Trump if you’re watching. I’ll take ya as my running mate,” Imer said.



The 12-year-old would like to become President of the free world one day. We’re pretty sure that Donald, his idol, never dreamed he would get this close to the White House since he’s done everything possible to discourage that.

Donald trails Hillary Clinton by ten points in Colorado, according to a Fox News poll. Again, we’re talking about a Fox News poll. It’s not exactly surprising since Donald’s campaign doled out $7.7 million to his family and Trump-owned companies. Instead of increasing spending on staff or organizing — like in crucial states such as Colorado — the campaign spent $1.8 million on hats and other merchandise.

It’s commendable that Mrs. Imer wants to teach her child responsibility but this is a presidential election in important battleground territory. Aside from that, educating her child while using Donald as a model for responsibility is counterproductive. Donald is a scam artist, nothing more.

Image via screen capture.