Campaign Manager: ‘I’m White, I Was Moved’ By Trump’s Remarks About Black People (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump decided to reach out to black voters by traveling to an almost all-white town to tell African-Americans that they are uneducated, jobless and poor. Donald used inaccurate statistics, too. That was his minority outreach effort to black voters.

On Sunday morning, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway attempted to defend The Donald’s remarks.

Mediaite reports that host George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s This Week told Conway that many people found Trump’s comments offensive.

“But many in the African American community saw that as insulting because they say most African Americans don’t live in poverty and that Mr. Trump was making those comments in communities that are more than 90 percent white,” Stephanopoulos remarked.

But Conway explained that she lives in a white community and said she was very “moved” by the remarks.

“Those comments are for all Americans. And I live in a white community. I’m white. I was very moved by his comment,” she said. “In other words, he is trying to tell Americans that we can do better. And the thing that he said that I think got a great deal of resonance is that maybe Hillary Clinton looks at you as voters as your — takes you for granted. I look at you as people.”

Once again, we see that others within the Trump camp have to clarify their candidate’s controversial remarks. We’re going to need a Donald Translator if this babbling man-baby gets the keys to the White House.

“And you — again, George, if you think 58 percent of unemployment in the African American youth community is a good idea,” she continued, adding, “then absolutely please go vote for Hillary Clinton, everyone.”

She actually repeated the false statistics that Donald used that have already been debunked. In order to arrive at  58 percent, one would have to add in all black youth who are currently enrolled in high school and college. But that’s not racist at all, mkay?

“But he’s saying, you can’t do any worse,” she concluded.



There’s nothing like a white person explaining to black people how they should live – and by using false statitisitics. In 2014, Donald tweeted, “President Obama has absolutely no control (or respect) over the African American community – they have fared so poorly under his presidency.”

We’re sure Ms. Conway doesn’t find that offensive either.

A 70-year-old white man feels that African-Americans should be ‘controlled’ and that’s the same white supremacist thinking that also supports his candidacy. Imagine that. What a coincidence.

In June, Trump was found to have garnered a whopping one percent among African-American voters. It’s only surprising that he has any support at all.

Featured image via screen capture.