WATCH: Black Panelists SHUT DOWN Trump Fan For Saying Trump Is A Civil Rights Leader (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s efforts to reach out to voters of color has been going about as terrible as one might expect it to go. Kayleigh McEnany, an avid Trump supporter, took part in a panel discussion on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 ° where she attempted to continue that campaign. Not surprisingly, all she did was got shut down by the black members of the panel, Bakari Sellers and Angela Rae.

McEnary began the panel discussion which revolved around black issues, by shouting down the black panelists, citing statistics about black people and poverty, saying that:

“You might think a 27.2% poverty rate among African American individuals is a good thing but –”

At that point, McEnary is interrupted by Rae who insists that no one had made that claim, asking her to retract the statement.

That’s when the panel really began to go into melt-down. McEnery tried to position Trump as a civil rights leader who “was on the cutting edge of civil rights” because he fought for inclusiveness in his clubs. While Trump might have expanded his customer base to include black and Jewish Americans. the other panelists were not buying it for a moment that Trump was a civil rights leader.

What McEnery failed to mention, but Rae didn’t, is that Trump only began to allow black and Jewish Americans into his clubs after he had been sued for housing discrimination.

The best moment of the panel discussion is when Rae lays her thoughts out on the matter. She does not hold back, saying:

“If you want Donald Trump to say something that’s meaningful to black people, and I’m not going to be the spokesperson for all black people tonight, but what I’m going to tell you is this. Plain and simple. He can disavow his racist butler. He can apologize for those two housing discriminations from the Department of Justice. He can tell me that that Black Lives Matter protester who he said deserves to get beat up, he can retract that and apologize for that. He can tell me that he never meant to say those legal fees of that guy that punched that black man in the face at his rally, should’ve happened. He can apologize for the Indian man that was thrown out of his rally today. He can apologize to the Central Park Five –”

Sellers interrupts to say “All five of them.”

“for taking out that full-page ad on them — I’m not done, I’m just getting started and I haven’t even got to last July,” Rae continues. “My only point to you is this: Donald Trump doesn’t just have a messaging problem. He has a message and belief problem, Kayleigh, and he has to — he has to hear it from more than Rhinestones and Polyester, his two little imps that go out on the trail for him.”

You can watch the panel discussion in full.

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