Trump Adviser: Trump Should’ve Had A ‘Backdrop With A Burning Car’ To Appeal To Black Voters (VIDEO)

Donald Trump campaign senior advisor Jack Kingston appeared on CNN Friday to discuss Trump’s efforts to reach out to voters of color. During the segment, Kingston said that “maybe it would have been nice if he [Trump] went and had a backdrop with a burning car” while speaking at a campaign event in Wisconsin in order to appeal to black voters. As a reminder, you are not reading The Onion – those are the real words that Kingston said while on television for the entire world to hear.

During the segment, CNN host Brianna Keiler attempted to explain to Kingston that it isn’t a good idea to try and reach out to voters of color by speaking to a nearly entirely white community. She also questioned the decision to reach out to a voting bloc that overwhelmingly supports the Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton. As per usual when talking to a Trump fan, Kingston says that Trump is doing far better with a group than polls show.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation:

Keilar: He’s polling right now at 2 percent with African-American voters. Is that the right way to attract a voting block that obviously favors Hillary Clinton much more than him?

Kingston: Well first of all, our internal poll show us doing better than 2 percent, but the reality is he’s going there and he’s taking it to them. He’s giving them a proposal. He’s saying, “You know what? I’m interested, I went to Milwaukee, I’m here tonight, I want to talk to you.” And one of the things he actually said last night in North Carolina that kind of went uncovered, but he says “I don’t want to preside over another generation of children who are left out of the American dream.”

Keilar: I have to stop you because you said he’s going there. He’s not, he’s in Diamondale, which is 93 percent white. When he was in Milwaukee the other day, it was part of Milwaukee that wasn’t dealing — I mean he, it’s —

Kingston: Well yeah, but Brianna he went —

Keilar: It’s almost completely white.

Kingston: I mean, maybe it would have been nice if he went and had a backdrop with a burning car, but the reality is —

Keilar: No no no no no, I’m not talking about a burning car. I’m talking about meeting with black voters.

Kingston: Well, he met with David Clarke, who as you know is the African-American Sheriff of Milwaukee, and he’s engaged with him. And his rallies are open to the public. Last night in North Carolina, we saw a lot of African-Americans. I wasn’t sure about the crowd content tonight, but the reality is —

Keilar: It’s white. We checked.

Wow. It’s hard to imagine Trump’s polling numbers being able to go down from a measly 2% from black voters. However, they might plummet to zero if they keep up with this pathetic voter outreach effort.

You can watch the segment below, via Media Matters:

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