Louisiana Governor Blasts Trump Over His Photo-Op Exploitation

While Republicans try to make Louisiana’s deadly floods “Obama’s Katrina,” there is only one person getting flack for being a raging opportunist — you guessed it — Donald Trump.

Louisiana’s Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, blasted the Republican nominee for president after he showed up to Louisiana for a photo opportunity. While citizens are dying and being displaced by the thousands, Trump has decided he would exploit the carnage in an attempt to undermine President Obama.

Remember when President Obama was chided by the GOP for not calling Gov. Rick Scott for two days after the Orlando massacre? Well, flooding has been going on in Louisiana for a week and still, Donald Trump has not reached out to the governor or any state leader tasked with handling the crisis. A spokesman for the governor pointed out:

Donald Trump hasn’t called the governor to inform him of his visit. We welcome him to LA but not for a photo-op. Instead we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm.

Trump, the self described billionaire and charitable man, should donate.

While Republicans continue to bash President Obama, Edwards has gone on the record asking that President Obama not travel to Louisiana for at least a week until the state is more secure — out of respect and timeliness of those working to aid the state.

Trump’s newest campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said the trip is “a decidedly nonpolitical event, no press allowed, going to help people on the ground who are in need.”

And what did Trump do as soon as she said that? He took questions from the press and said President Obama would rather play golf than help those affected in Louisiana. Even though President Obama has secured the relief funds for the state and has expressed his support and thoughts for those affected, the Trump train has decided to use the opportunity to smear him and once again make Trump look like the unsung hero of the day.

So much for no media and not being political.

Once again, Trump is exploiting and using people’s pain for personal gain. He’s done that his entire life, so why stop now.

Featured image via Joshua Lott/Getty Images