Reagan’s Son TEARS The ‘Absurdity’ Of Trump, His Campaign And The Entire GOP to SHREDS

Ron Reagan, the late President Reagan’s son, is understandably indignant over any idea at all that Donald Trump is anything like his father. In fact, he’s angry that the GOP even nominated Trump – this is not his father’s party at all. To make matters worse, Mike Pence compared Trump’s foreign policy ideas to Reagan, and that was just too much for young Ron Reagan.

He let loose on Pence, Trump, the entire campaign, and the GOP in an interview on MSNBC. He first addressed Pence’s ridiculous assertion that Trump’s foreign policy is anything like Ronald Reagan’s 1979 campaign’s “broad-shouldered approach”:

“One thing he left out, I suppose, is that my father wasn’t pathological. My father would’ve been humiliated and embarrassed by what has happened to his party, the Republican Party, and would be humiliated and embarrassed that they have nominated somebody like Donald Trump to be president of the United States.”

As bad as St. Ronnie was, at least he carried some credibility. Trump has no credibility – how can he when every word out of his mouth is a lie, and when he changes his opinions as often as anyone with a shred of personal hygiene changes their underwear? Ron touched on that, too, when he launched into his full-scale attack:

“Trump should not be in this race. He’s an absurdity. He’s a travesty. And that is the reality here. I know it’s difficult for journalists…to deal with this. We’re used to covering presidential races where we grant credibility to both sides, but that is not the case this time…

…Donald Trump is not [a credible candidate]. I had the dubious pleasure of reading the transcript of his speech today. It’s full of the usual empty jargon. This is a man who knows nothing about the world and cannot be president of the United States.”

Ron went on by saying that a President Trump will be a national emergency because of his severe inexperience with the world, and his inability to learn, well, pretty much anything. Watch his full comments below, via MSNBC:

Trump’s foreign policy ideas are so insane that Republican foreign policy experts are saying his plans will badly undermine the U.S. – something Trump himself will never acknowledge. For instance, he wants to beat China into submission on trade, but his ideas are more likely to “wreck our country’s credibility, economy, and leadership in very short order,” particularly in Asia.

That’s the opposite of what Trump keeps peddling, but that’s where Ron’s statements come into play. Trump is an absurdity; a carnival sideshow, or a silly, outlandish cartoon. Despite the GOP’s attempts to turn him into a serious candidate, he’s continued down his own path and virtually cost himself the election already, and it’s only August.

St. Reagan might be responsible for a lot of our current ills, but even he could actually run things. Trump can’t even run his own businesses, let alone mount a serious campaign for president. Ron is right – he shouldn’t even be in the race.

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