WATCH: Brian Stelter Slams Sean Hannity For His Disturbing Lies About Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Brian Stelter just called out Sean Hannity during a segment of CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday morning for some of the ridiculous claims he has made this past week about Hillary Clinton’s health.

In case you didn’t know, there has been a strange right-wing conspiracy going around that Hillary Clinton has some severe health problems. Hannity has been the leading propagator of the claim. Hannity had the cojones to claim that evidence for his allegations was provided by an Associated Press reporter named Lisa Lerer.

Lerer called Hannity out on his fictitious claims, definitively proving that Clinton is not, in fact, suffering from seizures and that Hannity had made the whole story up. Here is a snippet from Lerer’s must read conspiracy debunking article:

“The conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity opened a 6-minute Thursday night segment titled “Hillary’s Health” by saying, “as speculation swirls about Hillary Clinton’s health,” citing a headline from the right-wing news site Drudge Report.

Hannity repeatedly played the muffin shop footage, describing what Clinton was doing as “this sort of twitching thing that she does in front of reporters that was really bad” and then as “a violent, violent, repetitive jerking of the head.”

Seemingly as “proof” that something was amiss with Clinton, Hannity exclaimed: “Watch the reporter, like, pull back as she — the reporter got scared. And she keeps doing it. What is that?”

Fox News never contacted me to ask that question. For the record, I wasn’t scared for a moment.”

During the segment on Reliable Sources, Stelter calls Hannity’s reporting “reckless,” and says that “Last time I checked. Fox still has the word ‘news’ in its name.”

Even for Fox News, Hannity’s “reporting” is pathetic. This is the type of conspiracy you might expect to read on a right-wing “news” site like World Net Daily. I suppose this just means that the right-wing media is more desperate than ever to try and smear Clinton.

You can watch the segment below, in full.

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