Lesbian Couple In New Jersey Insists State Is Forcing Them To Have Sex With Men (VIDEO)

Two women in New Jersey are suing the state for one horrific obstacle that is in their path to having children — the women are lesbians, and they say the state is forcing them to have sex with men before they are allowed fertility treatments.

According to the suit, the women were denied insurance coverage for their fertility treatments because of the wording of an N.J. law that requires women to prove their infertility not only through medical diagnosis, but through unprotected heterosexual sex. The law, the four women argue in the suit, discriminates against infertile gay couples trying to conceive.

State law requires large insurance providers to cover costly fertility treatments for patients medically unable to have children. The couples take issue with how the law defines infertility, which includes the inability to become pregnant after one or two years of unprotected sex, depending on a woman’s age. Insurance companies have been able to deny coverage to gay patients who, although they have been medically diagnosed infertile, do not fit the definition, the suit says.

Source: New Jersey.com

Erin Krupas is infertile. Her doctor confirmed it, but that’s not enough for New Jersey law. She needs to prove it by having sex with a man.

You wouldn’t think of a law like this existing in mostly blue New Jersey, but remember they did elect Chris Christie twice. He’s still vehemently opposed to marriage equality, despite the fact that it’s the law of the land. Christie didn’t sign this archaic law, but you can bet he has no intention of making lives better for LGBT couples.

I hate defending insurance companies, but they are caught in the middle here. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield vehemently maintains that they do not discriminate against LGBT couples, but they have to follow state law. They are not being named in the lawsuit.

Here’s the video:

Let’s all hope this law is overturned. This is state-mandated rape. There’s no other way to describe it.