Rudy Giuliani Turns Into A Blithering Idiot When Confronted By CNN Host (VIDEO)

During a live CNN interview with Rudy Giuliani, host Chris Cuomo held the former New York Mayor’s feet the fire over his justification for Donald Trump’s most recent controversial remarks. Giuliani asserted, like Donald did, that Hillary Clinton will abolish the Second Amendment. That’s not legally possible but Giuliani ran with it.

At one point, Cuomo asked Giuliani if Trump “becomes President of the United States, is that going to be your position, is that he goes out, he’ll says things and then you’ll come on and say what he actually meant?”

Cuomo then brought up Trump’s recent jaw-dropping claim that President Obama and Hillary Clinton “founded ISIS.” That remark is peculiar in more than one way. Trump is featured in at least two ISIS recruitment videos.

However, Giuliani called Trump’s claim “legitimate political commentary.”

Cuomo responded, saying, “But it’s not true,” then went on to compare Trump’s remarks to his “Second Amendment people” threat toward Hillary Clinton.

“It’s part of a pattern,” Cuomo said. “I don’t control what comes out of his mouth. The man has blacklisted me, won’t come on this show because he doesn’t like answering questions about what he says.”

“It’s a pattern of the press exaggerating what he says,” Giuliani said, likely attempting to blame the Liberal Media™.

“He’s saying my coverage is rigged,” Cuomo said. “Do you think my coverage is rigged?”

“I think a lot of coverage is rigged,” Giuliani responded.

“How is it rigged?” Cuomo said. “This comes out of his mouth and you have to apologize for it.”

“I’m telling you he didn’t say words of violence!” Giuliani declared. “You say things in a lot of ways.”

“This is what the man does,” Cuomo remarked. “He says things that are either casual or hyperbolic to impress the crowd. And then they go too far and he refuses to apologize and blames the media. It’s happened at least 10 times that I can name right off the top of my head.”

Raw Story uploaded a few of the clips.




Giuliani said that Donald not releasing his taxes is a problem but not much of an issue compared to Hillary Clinton’s handling of emails. Cuomo countered that, too, with facts Giuliani disregarded by making accusations which he could not back up. Giuliani, throughout the whole interview, stammered while trying to justify his candidate’s appalling rhetoric.

Donald does not have the ability to apologize and move on. That prompts each of his controversial remarks to linger on in the media. When he’s held accountable for the words that come out of his mouth, he then blames the media for quoting him verbatim.

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