Electoral Map Is Changing As Deep Red Arizona And Georgia Go For Clinton

The electoral map is being redrawn in Hillary Clinton’s favor as Donald Trump plunges into near total self-destruction.

While the American people continue to wake up to what Trump is — a loud, vile, jackass — the more they flock to Hillary Clinton, and the evidence is striking when taking into consideration two states where Republicans have dominated for decades, Arizona and Georgia.

Georgia hasn’t voted Democrat since 1980 (when Jimmy Carter ran against Ronald Reagan) and Arizona hasn’t voted Democrat since 1996 (when Bill Clinton trounced Bob Dole).

So for over thirty years these states have not been friendly to Democrats. But thanks to Donald Trump, they could come back around.

A recent poll from OH Predictions based out of Arizona has Clinton beating Trump by three points, 45-42, the second poll from the same nonpartisan organization to show Clinton ahead of the blowhard billionaire. When factoring in the two polls from OH, with others showing a close competition, RealClearPolitics has the two evenly tied in their average for winning. In 2012, Romney won Arizona by 9 points.

And how is it that Clinton could be beating Trump in Arpaio-Brewer county? His feud with the Khan family.

Across the country, in Georgia, a new poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in the state by four points, which is still within the margin of error, but a surprising lead nonetheless in a southern red state run by Nathan Deal.

A poll from July 31 showed the two tied, and when coupled with the new poll showing Clinton ahead, the RealClearPolitics average has Trump leading by 2.4 percent. In 2o12, Romney won Georgia by eight points.

While facing a loss in the swing-state of Colorado, Politico has summed up the issue currently facing Trump:

For Trump, it’s a worrisome sign of a narrowing electoral path to victory. At the outset of the election cycle, the GOP nominee already confronted what appeared to be a Democratic advantage in the Electoral College. The potential loss of a key Western swing state leaves even less margin for error in November, increasing the urgency of winning the big prizes of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

With a loss in Arizona and Georgia, and losing Colorado, Trump is looking at a prospective tail spin in the American electoral process, and it’s glorious.

Imagine how much of a surprise the Trump campaign would get if they lost Georgia and Arizona on election day, completely throwing off their trajectory? Karl Rove would have the mother of all meltdowns on live national television. That alone, Democrats, is worth getting out to vote.

Featured image via David Becker/Getty Images