Man Who ACTUALLY Wrote ‘Art Of The Deal’ Gives Trump A Taste Of His Own Medicine (TWEETS)

If there’s one person who definitely doesn’t want Donald Trump to be president, it’s the man who actually wrote Trump’s “Art of the Deal,” author and Trump’s ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz. Schwartz knows, more than anyone, after spending a lot of time with the guy, that Trump’s just absolutely unfit for the office of the presidency.

And what better way to let the world know how awful Trump is than by using the Republican nominee’s medium of choice — Twitter.

Pretty much day in and day out lately, Schwartz has been letting people know how awful Trump is and why he just shouldn’t be president. If you want to read his full Twitter feed, you can find it here, but for now, I’m just going to go back a few days and show you exactly what he’s doing.

On July 27, Schwartz wrote:

“I broke the unspoken code of confidentiality with Donald Trump on Art of the Deal because I truly believe his election imperils the planet.”

And it absolutely does, so Schwartz keeps up his quest of making sure Trump is never elected.

Here are just a few more of Schwartz’s tweets:

Including this one that is pretty damning:

And there you have it. Please, for the love of all things good and decent, listen to the guy who spent an incredibly large amount of time with Trump. He knows, and we will all be better for it. Trump simply cannot be president.

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