Jill Stein Dangerously Panders To Idiots By Claiming Wi-Fi Signals Are Dangerous To Children (VIDEO)

Just a few days after being exposed as a jackass for pandering to the anti-vaxxer crowd, a video surfaced from March in which Jill Stein, I cannot believe this, claims that Wi-Fi signals are harmful to children’s brains.

Now, when I first started watching the clip, I thought the title for it “We Should Not Be Subjecting Children’s Brains To Wi-Fi Screens In Schools. It’s Not OK” was referring to children spending too much time in front of screens. Which is, in fact, a real problem. Too much screen time can have negative consequences on the development of a child’s brain. I was getting my mental ducks in a row to argue with my boss over the legitimacy of her complaint.

I was prepared to overlook Stein circling back to her one note complaint that corporations have taken over the universe blablabla and defend her. But then a woman in the audience asks about wireless and Stein drops this load of stupidity:

Yes, right. I mean, we should not be subjecting kid’s brains, especially, to that, and, you know, we don’t follow that issue in this country.

She goes on to say that Europe takes precautions and so should we. The problem is that there is zero substantiated evidence that Wi-Fi will induce any kind of brain damage. Europe does indeed have recommendations to limit the amount of exposure because Europe is far more cautious than the United States. You can make an argument that we should be as well and Stein makes that argument ever so briefly before circling around, yet again, to the evils of corporations.

But without any real evidence, imposing restrictions because you “feel” it might be bad is not the best way to set policy. But that’s not really what Stein is concerned with. Stein is concerned with telling privileged white people that all the little boogeymen they’ve created to scare themselves are true and they’re all the fault of corporations. This is the kind of irresponsible pandering that diverts money, time and attention away from researching and dealing with real problems. But, like every demagogue, Stein will tell you whatever you want to hear if she can get a vote from you.

If I were Bernie Sanders, I would be deeply offended that someone this unprincipled was trying to lay claim to my movement.

Here’s the ridiculous pandering:

Featured image via www.sueddeutsche.de