D’oh!: Trump Tells Crowd In Richest County In America Its Economy Is A Disaster

While in Virginia, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump looked at the crowd in Loudoun County and told them how economically devastated the area was. Donald was going to be their savior and heal the apocalyptic economy in Loudoun County.  The only problem is that Loudoun County is the richest county in the United States. It’s basically recession-proof.

“You’re doing lousy over here, by the way, I hate to tell you,” Trump declared.

The Daily Beast reports:

He then listed a number of factory closures, including Ball Corp., which was five hours away in Bristol, as far from Loudoun as you can get without leaving the state. And he mentioned the closure of a Smithfield Foods Inc.

“Anybody used to work for Smithfield?” he asked the crowd.

It’s almost certain none of them did. The Smithfield plant that closed was in Hampton Roads, Virginia—three hours from Ashburn, in the southeast corner of the state.

That wasn’t The Donald’s only mistake. He just kept opening his crazy mouth as if he was suffering from verbal diarrhea.

He spoke of the closure of a plant owned by Invista, a Koch Industries company that produces fabric and carpeting, but that plant is located two hours away and it closed down eight years ago. And for the record, Obama was not the President 8 years ago. That needed to be pointed out since his spokeswoman Katrina Pierson seems to think Obama has been the leader of this country for over a decade.

Trump also spoke about defense spending, however, thanks to its location, the county prides itself in bringing in big defense and aerospace business.

But wait, there’s more.

Trump then spoke of “Stanley Furniture” which he said closed down.  Stanley Furniture, however, is a plant based in North Carolina – which is totally not Virginia –  but it did close in 2014.

“Loudoun County is so important,” he told the crowd after bashing its economy. To top off Trump’s really bad day, Loudon has a high percentage of Muslim residents — some of them were protesting just outside of Donald’s rally.

“I have a very good brain,” Trump said in March. He got that wrong, too.

Featured image via Brian Blanco/Getty Images.