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OK Cop Shoots Family Dog During Child’s Birthday Party (VIDEO)

Noah Malone was celebrating his fifth birthday with a group of friends close to his age. His mother, Vickie Malone, had just brought the kids inside to have birthday cake and ice cream.

“We weren’t in the house two or three minutes and there was a loud bang,” Vickie Malone told The Huffington Post. When she went to the door to see what had happened, she found the family’s 3-year-old dog, Opie, lying on the ground. He was “kicking and gasping for air,” Malone said during the interview. She noted that there was blood coming from his head.

A Wynnewood Police officer told Malone’s 21-year-old daughter, “I had to shoot your dog.” According to Malone the officer told her and her 23-year-old son, Rio Youngblood, that the dog had tried to attack him through the metal fence that surrounds the family’s property.

In contrast, the officer later stated that he was inside the fence when the dog charged at him from around the house. He stated that the dog latched onto his leg and that he attempted to get free by kicking it twice.

That story just doesn’t add up. As Fox 25 reports here, the officer used a high-powered rifle, which he had to retrieve from his police vehicle, to shoot the family pet. He shot the dog three times, firing two bullets right in front of a group of terrified children.

The officer went to the Malone residence to serve a warrant on someone who doesn’t live there. Malone told The Huffington Post that the officer knew who lived in the home and was aware that the family had a dog. “He said he was checking to see if a guy name Shon McNiel lived here and no one here has heard of the person he was talking about,” she said during an interview with Fox 25. McNeil apparently lived in the home ten years ago. Police say it was his last known address.

In a statement to Fox 25, the Wynnewood police chief acknowledged that the officer was aware that the Malone’s had moved into the home. He defended the officer’s visit to the home, stating “he had to start somewhere.”

Here’s more on this story from Fox 25.

Image credit: video screen capture via Fox 25