Hillary Clinton Broke The Internet With Trump Trolling Site

Hillary Clinton broke the internet, or at least one of her sites, when an anti-Trump site, owned by the Clinton campaign went down on Thursday from traffic overload.

The site is actually a subdomain of her main site, HillaryClinton.com. It’s called TrumpYourself.org and it’s an interactive (but not terribly scientific) sort of hateful Trump quote roulette. I say not scientific because when I “rolled the dice” it told me that “Donald Trump doesn’t think I should be able to get married.” I happen to be among those who have legally been marrying for centuries. Naturally, though, it is an important issue for my LGBT friends.

Here are some samples of what you might get, when you can get on the site:

If the viral traffic means you have to try several times to get on the site, you get this for your 404 page, which is worth it by itself.

It even gets better, there’s a quote that says, “Look at that traffic, is that small traffic? We guarantee you there’s no problem. We guarantee.”

The Clinton campaign seems to have mostly fixed the problems. Try it out; the site is a lot of fun. Beware, though, you will be invited to donate to the Clinton campaign (of course) and to add your name and email to her database.

Featured image via Hillary Clinton’s Twitter