WATCH: GA Cops Tase And Arrest The Wrong Black Man, Then Lie About It (VIDEO)

On February 1, three officers with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department were caught on camera using a taser on an innocent man.

The officers were looking for a man named Michael Clay, who had multiple warrants out for his arrest. When they encountered 24-year-old Patrick Mumford, they immediately assumed he was Clay.

The video shows one of the officers approaching Mumford, who was sitting in his car, minding his own business.

One officer asked Mumford his name. “Patrick,” he responded.

A moment later the officer says, “What’s your name? I’m going to ask you one more time.”

“O.K… Patrick,” Mumford responds.

“We probably need to talk to you,” the cop tells him. “So, what’s your name?”

“Uh… Patrick?” Mumford responds.

The officer orders Mumford to get out of the car. Mumford, who is clearly worried, asks, “What happened? What did I do?”

“You got a warrant,” the cop says.

“I just came back from my probation officer,” Mumford tells him.

At this point the officer directs another cop to use a taser on him.

Mumford refuses to get out of the vehicle and demands to see the warrant.

The officer then starts counting down, “three… two… one.” They tase him twice, dragging him out of the vehicle and slapping handcuffs on him. All the while Mumford is insisting there is no warrant for his arrest. “How can I have a warrant and my probation officer not tell me?” he asks.

At this point, the cops finally get around to checking his identification. They quickly realize that Mumford is not the man they were looking for and immediately begin to try to cover their own asses.

One of the officers can be heard insisting to the crowd of bystanders that has gathered around that Mumford looks exactly like Michael Clay.

The cops insist that they asked Mumford for his ID “three times,” but claim he refused to provide it. A few seconds later, the cops claim they asked for ID “four times.”

As the video shows, the police never once asked Mumford for his ID.

Watch the video below, courtesy of the Claiborne Firm on YouTube

As Mumford’s attorney, Will Claiborne told the Daily Beast:

“The problem is Patrick Mumford doesn’t look like Michael Clay, he ain’t Michael Clay, and they roll up on him like he is. When he says his name is Patrick, they don’t believe him. If they had had adequate training, they would have known not all black men look the same.”

Featured image via video screen capture via the Claiborne Firm on YouTube