Republican Senator Arrested After Attacking Landscaper With Shovel, ‘Other Lawn Equipment’ (VIDEO)

Mississippi senator Chris Massey, who is chair of the state ethics committee, was arrested on assault charges early last week.

WMCA reports that the republican senator and his father started a brawl with a local landscaper and one of his employees, who were trying to reach the home of a client.

Massey and his father, Jack Massey, reportedly blocked the road, refusing to let the landscaping truck pass.

An argument broke out, which escalated after the senator spit in the face of the landscaping employee.

“He spit in my employee’s face and it made him so mad, so he pushed him off him and that’s when the old man reached in the truck and got a shovel,” the landscaper told reporters.

According to WMCA, “the situation escalated quickly and resulted in a shovel, tire iron, and other lawn equipment being swung.”

At one point Massey even threatened to get a gun from his vehicle.

Eventually the police arrived and brought the situation under control. Massey and his father are both facing aggravated assault charges. The landscaping employee is also facing charges.

During an interview with WMCA, the homeowner who hired the landscaping company said:

 “It makes me mad that they would treat him like he is nobody and wouldn’t let him come down the street.”

According to neighbors, this is not the first time that the Massey family has caused problems in the Olive Branch, Mississippi community.

Neighbor Dale Spikes told the station that Jack Massey tried to get him to come out and brawl with him in the street. Spikes said he has been forced to call police on the family several times. He even went as far as to make a sign warning other people about them.

“He’s the Chair of the Ethics committee, and that is very, very, scary,” Spikes told WMCA.

Here’s more on the story from WMCA.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Featured image via video screen capture WMCA