New Video Shows Off-Duty NY Cop Shot Unarmed Black Man In One Second (VIDEO)

A newly released video raises serious questions about the July 4 shooting death of Delrawn Small.

Small was killed by Wayne Isaacs, an off-duty New York police officer, following what police are describing as a ‘road rage incident.’

Following the death of the unarmed 37-year-old father, multiple media outlets reported that Small had assaulted the off-duty officer, punching him repeatedly through the window of his vehicle.

Contrary to that narrative, the video shows that Isaacs fired his weapon within one second of Small approaching his car.

Isaacs shot the unarmed man twice, once in the head and once in the chest. He died as a result of the injuries.

According to Small’s girlfriend, who was in the car along with him and his two children on the night of the shooting, Isaacs cut off the vehicle the family was driving in.

An angry Small decided to follow Isaacs’ car, in spite of pleas from his girlfriend to let it go. Small had no idea that Isaacs was an off-duty cop.

When Isaacs vehicle came to a stop at a red light, Small got out of his own car to confront him.

The video shows Small walking toward Isaacs vehicle. One second after approaching the car, Small is hit by the first bullet.

While at least one witness recounted seeing Small repeatedly punch Isaacs, the video shows that did not happen.

As DNA Info reports here, Isaacs claims that he did not realize he was involved in a road incident. He says he was not aware that Small was following him. Isaacs reportedly told friends that he was assaulted through the window of the car and said that he thought he was being carjacked.

According to Isaacs’ version of the story, after he was accosted by Small he somehow managed to find his police-issued gun and shoot the man twice.

The video shows Isaacs gunning the man down almost instantly, meaning the off-duty officer’s gun had to have been drawn before Small ever got near his vehicle.

Small’s girlfriend, five month baby and teenage child were among those who witnessed the shooting.

Watch the video below, courtesy of the New York Post.

Featured image via Zaquanna Albert via Facebook