Trump Fan Calls For Lynching Hillary, Screams ‘Hang That B*tch’ At NC Rally

As a shock to no one ever, the rally in Raleigh, North Carolina on Tuesday night for presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was completely bonkers as he stood at the podium in the red state. First, Trump praised a barbaric dictator. The GOP front-runner and former reality show star praised Saddam Hussein for his ability to murder who he perceived to be terrorists without “reading them their rights.”

Trump supporters applauded the hotel magnate after he made that jaw-dropping statement. That said, it’s not too shocking that an audience member shouted that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should be hanged. That’s a rather extreme call for violence considering she hasn’t been convicted of anything.

Niels Lesniewski of Roll Call tweeted, “I can confirm that someone shouted “Hang that bitch!” at the Trump rally, in reference to Hillary Clinton.”

Holly Bailey of Yahoo News was at the Trump event, too.

Ali Vitali of NBC News heard the Trump supporter call for Clinton to be hanged again, because a call for murder the first time wasn’t enough.

Another Trump fan screamed at reporters who were covering the rally because yelling in someone’s face is always so effective.

Just back from his trip to Scotland, which was more of an Infomercial to promote his golf courses, Trump demonized President Barack Obama for playing golf.

In the same breath, Donald bragged that he knows more about golf than Bill Clinton.

We await the bombastic billionaire’s praise of Pol Pot, too. After all, he once praised the Chinese government for the Tiananmen Square massacre in which hundreds of pro-democracy protesters were slaughtered by the military which included 10,000 troops accompanied by tanks. Trump has an ongoing bromance with Vladimir Putin and he’s praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Still yet, Trump supporters love him.

This is the GOP presumptive presidential nominee and his supporters on display for the whole world to see. Please clap.

Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images.