This is Officially The Most Cringe-Inducing Defense Of Donald Trump’s Racism Ever (VIDEO)

In perhaps the most pathetic attempt of all time to deflect attention from Donald Trump’s white supremacist problem, The pro-Trump “Crippled America PAC” has created to “prove” that Hillary Clinton pals around with the KKK. How? By reminding people that the Clintons were friends with Senator Robert Byrd, a former member of the KKK. Conveniently, they forget to mention that Byrd quit the Klan decades before he died and loudly and repeatedly excoriated himself for having been a part of their organization in his youth. Meanwhile, Trump keeps retweeting white supremacists and has so far refused to condemn his endorsement by the Klan so it’s up to Crippled America to help out.

The Huffington Post reported on this bizarre “I’m rubber, you’re glue” defense after they got hold of an email begging for money to air an anti-Hillary Benghazi commercial:

There is scant information out there about the Crippled America PAC, which emailed its supporters Thursday asking for money to help it get an anti-Clinton Benghazi ad on the air.

“The Clinton Cartel and their Super PACs have raised over $50 million this quarter. Donald Trump needs our help to match their donations so we can win this November. … Help defeat Crooked Hillary and the #ClintonCartel by giving one of the amounts below,” read the email.

Just the usual vapid talking points from Trump supporters, right? But apparently the email address for Crippled America is “[email protected]” which brings us to the most ridiculous political site of the election so far. The site is a single page that starts off with a pop-up asking the viewer, “HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT DONATING TO HELP STOP HILLARY CLINTON?”


The Berniebot crack was a nice touch, I think.

Behind the pop-up is the picture of Hillary kissing Senator Byrd and next to that, a photoshopped image of Byrd in a KKK outfit. We know it’s photoshopped because the “Senator Byrd” in that picture is well past his 60s, and the real Senator Byrd was no longer in the KKK by time he was 35.

Underneath the picture is a quote from Hillary eulogizing Byrd after he passed in 2010 followed by a video of Bill Clinton speaking at Byrd’s wake.

If you haven’t spent any time in the fever swamp that is right-wing gospel, the fact that Robert Byrd was once in the KKK is THE single most important fact in the “which party is racist” debate. Never mind that only Republicans attract Neo-Nazis, the Klan and all kinds of white supremacists. Never mind the unending deluge of racism that pours out of the mouth of conservative politicians, media figures and celebrities. None of that matters because Robert Byrd was once in the KKK and he’s a Democrat.

That he spent decades apologizing and working to right that wrong is simply ignored because Donald Trump won’t stop allying himself to the Klan and all the other loathsome racist organizations in this country. Therefor, the reasoning seems to be, we must be made to believe that palling around with the KK is no big deal and that “both sides” do it.

I’m sure it will convince some people because there’s a sucker born every minute, but this really is the most desperate attempt at fiction I’ve seen since Trump’s comb-over.

Featured image via screen capture.