GOP Candidate Loves Trump Because He ‘Puts Self-Righteous F*ggots In Their Place’

Donald Trump is the Twitter candidate, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of his supporters got himself into hot water with a recent tweet. That supporter is a candidate for Massachusetts state Senate and in it, he praised Trump for “putting self-righteous faggots in their place.”

Ted Busiek, who wants to eliminate affordable housing, same-sex adoptions and daylight savings time, denied that this tweet was hateful:

Instead, he insisted, it was a reference to the way Trump, in 1993, insulted Native Americans:

“If you look at some of the reservations that you’ve approved . . . they don’t look like Indians to me. And they don’t look like Indians to Indians. And a lot of people are laughing at it,” Trump said in the remarks dated 1993, apparently shocking the congressman questioning him, who likened the remarks to historical racism. Trump said, “Only Indians can have the gaming . . . Why are you being discriminatory? Why is it that the Indians don’t pay tax, but everybody else does. I do.”

Busiek told the News Service he didn’t intend the term in a “hateful sense” or to imply that the congressman was gay, using the word instead to mean the congressman was “obnoxious” and was “kind of being a jerk.”

Source: Mass Live

Got it, so it was the “nice” use of the word “faggot.” Of course, Busiek’s history might indicate otherwise. I already mentioned that he’s against same-sex adoptions, and of course, he’s against same-sex marriage. He, like many Trump supporters, is also concerned about losing his rank as a white man on the (excuse the pun) totem pole.

Claiming a “cultural rift” exists between State House politicians and a sizable section of the Bay State’s population, Busiek told the News Service he spoke for “anybody who works for a living,” and those who find themselves “under attack” for their “oppressor status” as white, male and successful.

“I think there’s a great amount of jealousy involved,” Busiek said of so-called “social justice warriors,” who attack real and perceived racial and gender sleights.

Asked if he was a social justice warrior for successful white men, Busiek said, “That’s a good way to sort of turn it on its head.”

“Maybe I’m engaging in identity politics, too,” Busiek said, though he said he disagrees with that point of view because, he said, identity politics is contingent on being “born into a victim class.”

If Busiek’s tweet proves anything, it’s that Trump is merely a mirror reflecting the bigotry of his supporters. Trump is a truly horrible human being, who insults women and basically every minority, but he says very little about LGBT people. If anything, he’s been historically supportive. Of course, that’s not to say Trump won’t tweet something ugly about gay people today. After all, he’s all about pleasing his supporters.

Featured image via Ted Busiek’s Facebook page.