‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Tries To 2nd Amendment A CHILD Because Of Fireworks

Okay, we all probably get it. Independence Day weekend can be annoying as all hell because it seems like there’s always someone shooting off pyrotechnics, having a loud party or barbecue, or otherwise making a major nuisance of themselves. That’s no reason to fire a gun at someone, though, especially when that someone is a child.

Unfortunately, that’s what a Wisconsin man did when he got fed up with a 10-year old child shooting off fireworks in his neighborhood, because, you know, when someone pisses you off that’s what you do these days: Solve it with a gun.

It was the child himself who called the police, and, of course, the man tried to lie his way out of it by saying he was merely shooting off fireworks, too. That lie didn’t last very long, and he eventually admitted that he’d fired his .40 caliber pistol in the child’s direction. What a clusterfuck of a human being.

It’s not clear whether the child’s parents were home, but what happened to going over to the neighbor’s house to politely ask them to stop with the noise, or working something out that would be mutually agreeable? Alas, to many so-called “responsible” gun owners, it’s not, and they’d rather threaten, or even harm, people who piss them off.

This guy may even be part of the 1 in 10 here who are pathologically angry and have access to a firearm. Nobody who isn’t, at minimum, full of rage would consider pointing a loaded gun at a child and pulling the trigger for any reason. Nobody in their right mind would consider anybody who does that a “responsible gun owner.” Yet even gun owners who pull this kind of nonsense seem to think they’re “responsible.”

Instead of spending money on guns, these people need to go buy a clue.

The child is unharmed, and the man has been arrested. He currently faces charges of recklessly endangering safety, as well he should. He should also undergo a psych evaluation geared at finding out just how deep his anger runs that he thought firing a gun at a kid because he was annoyed was okay.

Featured image by George Frey/Getty Images