ISIS’ Blasphemous Ramadan Attacks Prove They’re Not Muslims At All

Ramadan is a holy month that all Muslims celebrate. They fast from sunrise to sunset, unable to eat, drink, smoke or even have sex. Muslims try not to fight, curse, lie or sin during Ramadan because such acts are considered profane.

Unless you’re ISIS. Then it’s a signal to slaughter as many people as possible:

The spokesman for the Islamic State said in late May that jihadists should “make it, with God’s permission, a month of pain for infidels everywhere.” Another extremist distributed a manual for using poisons, adding, in poor English: “Dont forget Ramadan is close, the month of victories.”

This is like being a Christian and going on a killing spree Christmas morning in the name of Jesus. Sure, you could rationalize it as a gift to the son of God but, really, you’re going against everything the holiday stands for.

And that’s the point here: Radicalized Muslims are no longer really Muslims any more than the Westboro Baptist Church is really Christian. Both are cruel, twisted distortions of their respective religions. The problem is that far too many Americans, mostly, but not exclusively, right wingers, are all too eager to lump 1.6 billion Muslims together with the tens of thousands of violent lunatics that terrorize the rest of the world.

Consider this: ISIS has about 25,000 fighters. That’s it. Let’s say that for every fighter, there are 10 people that are totally sympathetic to their cause. Hell, I’ll be SUPER generous and double that. That gives us 500,000 “evil” Muslim extremists. That’s still just .03% of all the Muslims in the world. Yet, somehow, we’re supposed to be afraid of the other 99.97% of them? We don’t hold ANYONE to that kind of standard. If we did, we would have strung up every Catholic priest as a pedophile years ago or locked up every white male as a probable serial killer.

But we don’t, of course, because that would be insane. But we do it to Muslims anyway. The reality is that ISIS and those like them have weaponized their religion and in doing have abandoned the very religion they claim to fight in the name of. Remember, the overwhelming majority of their victims are Muslims who refuse to follow their warped interpretation of Islam:

What is clearer is that the manipulation of the goals of Ramadan are another way in which jihadists have interpreted the religion in a way most Muslims deplore. Another example is the jihadists’ wide use of takfir, or the branding of others as infidels who deserve death. The Islamic State has used this concept to justify the killing of other Muslims, be they Shiites or fellow Sunnis whom the group deems to be insufficiently devout.

Such views course through the jihadists’ Ramadan propaganda.

 If 90%+ of the people you kill for being infidels and heretics are of the religion to claim to represent, you’re the one that is blaspheming against that religion. It’s time the West figured that out and started acting accordingly.

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