Racist LA Sheriff Threatens To Shoot DOJ Attorney Right Between The Eyes (VIDEO)

On March 9, a federal grand jury indicted Iberia Parish, Louisiana sheriff Louis Ackal on charges of conspiracy and deprivation of rights under the color of law.

The jury handed down its verdict after hearing evidence that Ackal ordered the beatings of at least five pretrial detainees. The prisoners were taken to the jail’s chapel so the beatings could be carried out away from the facility’s surveillance cameras.

Five Iberia Parish deputies, the officers who carried out the chapel beatings at the direction of Ackal, plead guilty to conspiracy and civil rights charges in February. Four others have been convicted since then. Those officers have all agreed to testify against Ackal.

The prosecutor also brought charges in relation to an unprovoked attack on an inmate in 2012, which was caught on video.

Watch the video below, courtesy of The Latest News on YouTube.

The Advocate reports that at least eight people have died at the hands of Iberia Parish police in recent years, including one man who was arrested simply for thinking the shadow of Jesus was going to appear on a church.

The death of Victor White III, who supposedly shot himself in the chest inside of a police squad car, while his hands were cuffed behind his back, also occurred in Iberia Parish.

As Ackal’s trial wages on in federal court, an unidentified witness recently stepped forward with a series of recorded conversations. In the recordings Ackal is heard referring to the prosecutor as a “sorry son-of-a-bitch Jew bastard.”

He was also recorded making threats against the life of Mark Blumberg, the Washington, D.C.,-based Justice Department lawyer who met with Ackal prior to his indictment.

Ackal claimed that during the meeting he told the attorney:

“I said the only thing I’m gonna give you — f*****g shoot you right between your g*******d Jewish-eyes-look-like-opossum bastard.”

As The Young Turks reports in the video below, Ackal is currently not in police custody. He is also still allowed to carry a weapon.

After reviewing the recently discovered recordings, the judge who is hearing the case against Ackal is set to determine whether the conditions of his release should be changed.

Here’s more on the story from The Young Turks on YouTube.

Featured image via video screen capture via The Young Turks