Bill Maher Gets His Swagger On Over Liberal California Crushing ‘Failed State’ Kansas (VIDEO)

Bill Maher finished Friday’s episode of Real Time by absolutely destroying the always-failed experiment that is Republican economics. It wasn’t that hard, really. All he did was compare Kansas, a state controlled by far right lunatics, to California, a state that purged the Republican politicians that were strangling it:

California raised taxes on the wealthy. A lot. And our economy is booming. We just passed France and India to become, all by ourselves, the world’s 6th largest economy.

How did California get its act together? Simple, they put Democrats in charge of EVERYTHING:

“Democrats, from governor on down, control every office and voting body in this state. So we can really study what happens when liberal policies are tried unimpeded. And the only thing I have to say to Republicans about that is: scoreboard, bitches.”

Meanwhile, deep red states like Kansas and Louisiana are doing great! If you’re a billionaire:

Whereas states like Kansas and Louisiana that went back to the ol’ trickle down theory of “cut taxes on the rich and they’ll always do the right” are a financial catastrophe.

Here’s the deliciously mean segment of Real Time:


Featured image via screencap.