Trump’s Ignorance Is Going To Turn The GOP Convention Into A World Class Clusterf*ck


In a little over two weeks, the Republican Party will hold its convention to, hypothetically, name Donald Trump as the official nominee. Conventions are usually three day long infomercials that whip up the base and kick off the tone of the campaign for the general public. They’re masterpieces of propaganda with the agenda scheduled down to the minute.

But that was before Donald Trump.

With just a few days left before the big weekend, no one knows who is speaking, who is attending or, seriously, how much time Trump himself will spend at his own nomination:

Much of the program remains in flux, including who will speak, how and when Mr. Trump will arrive, and what he will say when he does.

And after months of promising that his convention would be special, and not “boring” like previous ones, Mr. Trump says he is now embracing a less-is-more approach.

One thing there will be less of, which might come as a surprise to anyone expecting all the brashness and ubiquity of Trump branding, is the candidate himself.

Trump is refusing to speak all three days of the convention. You know, HIS convention. Apparently he just can’t be bothered. He’s worried people will think he’s “grandstanding.” Because Donald trump is all about moderation and humility. Said no one ever.

But part of the problem, OK, MOST of the problem, is Trump himself. No one wants to be seen endorsing him and Trump literally has no idea what the hell he is doing:

At one point, two aides confirmed, Mr. Trump was not even aware that the event had to be held in Cleveland, a decision made almost two years ago by the Republican National Committee.

That’s the kind of statement that drives Republican operatives to straight up alcoholism. Or suicide. Or both.

Very few prominent Republicans have agreed to take the stage to support Trump and Trump, being the pettiest of men, has declared that he will try to block people like Ted Cruz and John Kasich from speaking unless they bend the knee to him, a most unlikely occurance.

Trump is still promising to have big celebrity names at his coronation in lieu of big political names but he’s become so toxic, it’s hard to imagine anyone who is not already deeply ensconced in right wing culture showing up. Ted Nugent would happily get on stage to shout about guns and Muslims but his appeal is limited to inbred yokels and ammosexuals.

On top of all of this, Trump still doesn’t have much in the way of a campaign organization. He’s just winging it and assuming his sheer awesomeness will win the day. But at this rate, his campaign, already on life support from his numerous gaffes, scandals and general idiocy, will be DOA out of the starting gate and it’s not clear that Trump would be able to recover from the impending disaster his debut is shaping up to be.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images