AZ Pastor: ‘Perfect Christians’ Would Bathe In ‘F*ggot’ Blood While Singing Psalms (VIDEO)

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, is a bigot in the truest sense of the word — though you’ll never hear him admit it. Anderson’s hatred of the LGBT community, Muslims, Jews, women, and even President Obama, is so deeply rooted that he genuinely believes that he is simply following the Bible (you know, if you cut out all that stuff about loving thy neighbor).

Recently, Anderson ignited international outrage when he called the Orlando massacre “good news” because lots of gay people died. In December 2014, he said that we could cure AIDS if we exterminated all the “homos.” This may seem like frightening rhetoric, but it pales in comparison to what he said Sunday night.

Anderson told his congregation that they — the hateful, anti-gay hate group — “have more love in our little finger than that f*ggoty church down the street” that supports the LGBT community has “in their whole body.” Anderson says that he is, indeed, required to love his neighbor but his “homosexual neighbor should be dead.”

But it gets worse.

Shortly before those remarks, Anderson said something truly horrifying about what “perfect Christians” should be doing. Anderson says that while most sinners can find God, the LGBT community is hopeless because it is impossible for them to love or accept Jesus.

“Here’s the thing about those filthy reprobates,” Anderson told his congregation. “They’re not going to turn from their wickedness because “God has darkened their heart and blinded their eyes.” Anderson continued, explaining that if God has done such things, “you can’t believe.” Referencing Psalm 58:10, which states that the righteous (Anderson’s flock in this case) “will wash his feet in the blood of the wicked” (the LGBT community).

The pastor says that he doesn’t understand why his praise of the Orlando shooter made people angry because he, nor the other pastors who have made headlines for their horrific Orlando remarks, didn’t fly to Florida and bathe their feet in the blood of the victims of one of the worst mass shootings in our country’s history.

“I don’t think Pastor Romero hopped on a plane to Orlando so he could just go wash his feet in the blood of the wicked and praise God for their death,” Anderson quipped as his congregation laughed at the super-funny awesome joke. “But if he would have, it would have been OK.” More laughter. Then he described his “perfect world.”

If we were in a perfect world, if we were perfect Christians, if we were doing everything that God wanted us to do,” Anderson said, then they would sing not only hymns but the Psalms. And what better way to sing them but while having a nice, “reprobate” blood foot bath:

“Why would God want us to sing about washing our feet in the blood of the wicked in the New Testament? Can someone explain that to me? Because it’s  valid today. Because it still stands. Because God is still the same God.”

Anderson said that other Christians — the fake ones who accept others for who they are — accuse him of saying that “if a homo loves Jesus he still won’t  be saved.” Banging his head against a tree prop, the pastor angrily explained that he didn’t ever say that:

“Argh, I never said that. I’m saying they don’t believe in Jesus. Anybody who believes in Jesus will be saved. I’m saying they don’t believe in Jesus. ‘But I met one who says he loves Jesus.’ THEY’RE LYING. Get real folks. And yet they still come at you.”

Anderson’s sermon then dissolved into a mini-rant about how “normal people” don’t want to do the “stuff” that gay people do (like mowing the lawn, shopping, riding a bicycle, playing chess, watching television…).

“Who here struggles really hard to not be a homo,” Anderson said with his hand raised. He was the only one who raised his hand. “I mean it’s really hard. Other men are just so appealing and it’s a struggle – No, you’re like gross, it’s disgusting. Look, the only way that a dude would lust after another dude is if God gave him over unto vile affections to do those things.”

Watch Anderson’s latest horrific rant below:

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