White Men Threw Eggs, Shouted Racial Slurs At Black Woman Waiting For Bus

On Friday, St. Louis police arrested two 30-year-old white men in connection with a racially motivated attack on a Black woman.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jesse Reed and David Ragain, both of Jefferson County, Missouri, maliciously attacked the woman as she was waiting at a public bus stop.

The men threw eggs and shouted racial slurs at the victim, according to police.

The men were taken into custody after police identified one of the suspects’ vehicles, using video from surveillance cameras.

Both Reed and Ragain are charged with ‘assault motivated by discrimination,’ a third-degree felony. They are currently being held on a $20,000 bond.

St. Louis police believe that the pair has carried out similar attacks against people of color in the past. They are asking any person who believes they were targeted by the two men to come forward.

“These weren’t two white teenagers on a joy ride,” St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said during an interview with the Post-Dispatch.

Indeed, this was a deliberate, planned and unprovoked act of hate, carried out by two adult men.

As reported here, hate crimes like this can have a lingering psychological impact both on the targeted victim and on the Black community as a whole.

Racially motivated attacks cause “generalized terror in the group to which the victim belongs, inspiring feelings of vulnerability over the other members, who could be the next victims.”

People of color have been terrorized by racist whites since the United States was founded.

Over the past year racially motivated attacks have become more and more common across the U.S., a fact which can be directly attributed to the rise of Donald Trump.

Trump’s racist hate speech has been cited as the motivation for everything from targeted racist mailings, directed at members of the Latino community, to the brutal assault and beating of a homeless man by two Boston-area brothers.

As Addicting Info reported here:

Since last September, America’s Voice has been tracking instances where Trump, his staff and his supporters have assaulted or harassed immigrants and Latinos. As you can imagine, his special brand of xenophobia and racism has caused a lot of white nationalists to feel comfortable with their hate for “others.”

Using reports of Trump inspired racist attacks, the group created an interactive map which shows just how dangerous the candidate’s hate speech really is.

While we hear Trump and his supporters talk a lot about the dangers of Muslim terrorists in the U.S., racist white terrorists remain the most common, and the most dangerous threat to American citizens.

Residents of the United States are seven times more likely to be killed by a right-wing terrorist than a Muslim terrorist. Nearly 60 percent of hate crimes committed in the United States are motivated by racial and ethnic bias. Another 20 percent are motivated by gender identity and sexual orientation. Religiously motivated hate crimes, attacks on Muslims, Jews, atheists and other non-Christian groups, also account for nearly 20 percent of hate crimes.

Contrary to Trump’s propaganda, we don’t need a watch-list to identify who the real terrorists are. We have more than enough evidence to identify the hateful, violent and dangerous groups that are terrorizing the American people.

Featured image via limecools on Flickr