TN First Sgt. Cites ‘Toxic Leadership’ In Curse-Filled Resignation Letter (VIDEO)

After more than 20 years of service within the National Guard, First Sgt. Dennis Carter submitted his resignation, effective May 31, 2016. In the letter, Carter shreds what he describes as the ‘toxic leadership’ that exists at the 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, located in Lebanon, TN.

The now-retired First Sergeant directed his anger at his superior officers, writing that the Senior NCO’s leadership abilities are so substandard “I doubt he could lead a pack of Kindergartners to the playground, nor would they follow him.”

He also had harsh words for others, including a Colonel. Carter wrote that his “leadership style is so toxic that his social security number should be replaced with the telephone number of the poison control center…”

The former Sgt. didn’t just submit the resignation letter to his superiors, he posted it on social media as well.

WSMV published a redacted version of Carter’s letter on June 24. Read it for yourself below.

Image credit WSMV via Dennis Carter

Image credit WSMV via Dennis Carter

Carter is not the first one to criticize or question the leadership of Tennessee-based National Guardsmen.

The U.S. military launched a criminal investigation into sexual misconduct involving the 775th Engineering Detachment. The investigation involved allegations that at least half of the Guardsmen had sexual relations with ‘prostitutes’ in an area of the world which was known for sex trafficking.

The investigation revealed that many of the girls the Guardsmen had sex with were under the age of 18.

As WSMV reports here:

The military documents show a lieutenant said there were ring leaders who told the soldiers what to say and how to stay out of trouble.

Another soldier told investigators that some of the men bragged about the sex and that a medic handed out condoms.

When the soldiers were later interviewed, the documents show one sergeant made a spontaneous statement that “several of the women (referring to the prostitutes) were younger than his daughter.”

The investigation also revealed that some of the soldiers allowed the ‘prostitutes’ to enter a room with weapons and secret documents.

A second investigation was opened after authorities found evidence of drug use by at least one of the soldiers.

In February, WSMV reported that the Tennessee National Guard promotes individuals who have engaged in serious misconduct violations. Video published here shows two Guardsmen being pulled over by the TN Highway Patrol for DUI. These men should have been removed from duty, but were promoted instead.

During an interview with WSMV, Carter blasted TN National Guard Leadership, saying:

“I’m out, so I don’t have anything to lose. But there are a lot of people that are still in and there’s a lot of horror stories that have been done badly by the leadership in the guard.”

Watch the interview below, courtesy of WSMV.
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Image credit: video screen capture courtesy of WSMV